Sherwood Community Association is formed by a group of residents committed build a successful community  with lively and active members!​

We are focused on launching initiatives to create resident engagement, promote volunteer opportunities, and develop youth leadership programs. Our goal is to make our neighbourhood a better community for its people, business and the environment. 

Characteristics of strong neighborhoods

♦ Social inclusion and cohesion.

♦ Accessible, quality programs and services.

♦ Leaders ready to help out

♦ Build a natural environment that is healthy and safe.

♦ Develop friendships with neighbours


Board of Directors

  • President

    Moncy Abraham 

  • Secretary

    Wil Wu

  • Treasurer

    Irene Lano

  • Director, Events

    Humera Abbas

  • Director, Business & Sponsorships

    Mona Kabir

  • Director, Community Garden

    Kaitlyn Chen

  • Director, Marketing & Communications

    Moncy Abraham

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