Community Garden History

In 2017, the SCA had a mission to "green up" and further beautify our community. A group of dedicated and talented volunteers worked tirelessly to build the garden from scratch. Since then, we have 21 raised garden beds for individuals and families from Sherwood to rent. This has allowed residents to grow food and build relationships with our neighbors! Furthermore, this has also provided an opportunity for our Sherwood residents living in apartments or condos to take part in gardening!

Storm Ponds – Reminder to Stay off the Ice

Storm ponds are not intended for recreational use. The water in storm ponds is constantly flowing with fluctuating water levels and contains pollutants. For the health and safety of the public several activities are prohibited, including swimming, skating, boating, fishing and fish stocking.

Storm Ponds are natural looking man-made facilities designed to collect runoff following either a rainfall or snowmelt event.
Besides helping to mitigate local flooding, the 200 plus ponds that The City currently operates and maintains, improves the quality of water that eventually reaches the rivers.

Storm ponds or wet ponds collect water and run-off from the storm water system, trapping sediment and pollutants such as oils and chemicals from driveways and roadways, fertilizer, pesticides, and sediments and debris from roads and underdeveloped areas, helping return cleaner water to rivers and streams. These ponds are a vital part of Calgary’s storm water system.

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Sherwood Catholic School follow up meeting.

On September 19, 2017, the district hosted a Boundary Articulation Meeting at Mother Mary Greene School, for the purpose of presenting a proposal with respect to boundaries for the new Catholic school under construction in Sherwood. Based on input and feedback from that meeting, the district has scheduled a second meeting for Thursday, November 23, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, at Mother Mary Greene School (115 Edenwold Drive NW). The purpose of this meeting is to present additional data that was not presented on September 19, present alternatives to the original proposal, and to seek input and feedback from the community with respect to the alternatives. If you would like to attend this follow up meeting, please register by clicking on the following link:

Registration should take no more than two minutes of your time.

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