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Discover the diverse range of programs and initiatives we offer to foster a vibrant and inclusive community.

Our Initiatives

Discover the initiatives we undertake that contribute to the improvement of the community and provide opportunities for volunteers and residents to participate.

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Memberships are $25/year and give residents the opportunity to come together in community programs and fun family events throughout the year. With your membership, you can win prizes at community events such as the multicultural festival, participate in the community garden and get exclusive deals from our business partners! 

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Youth Empowerment

Nurturing young leaders through mentorship and skill-building programs

Neighbourhood Events

Creating opportunities for residents to connect and celebrate together

LEAF Program

The Landscape Enhancement Appreciation Fund brings value to your home and our community’s appearance.

Community Garden

Create a space where residents of Sherwood who are passionate about gardening can come together and form a community that shares their love for green spaces.

Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved and make a difference. Explore our wide range of volunteer prospects and contribute to the collective welfare of Sherwood.

Get Involved

Join us in creating a vibrant and inclusive community for all by volunteering for the LEAF Program

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